(Hybrids are back and new cover pictures are coming! We've simplified the cover to just the W like the pictures provided.)



  1. NOTE: 12 month calendar with lined notebook pages (Monday and Sunday starts available)
    • LETTER - 8.5x11     A5 - 5.8x8.3
  2. DOT: 12 month calendar with dot-grid planning pages (Monday start)
    • LETTER - 8.5x11     A5 - 5.8x8.3
  3. GRID: 12 month calendar with ruled-graph pages in both inches and cm (Monday start) 
    • LETTER - 8.5x11


A FREE PDF version of the LETTER planner comes with a physical purchase - if you would like a copy, please let us know. (Start day of the planner will be based on your order choice.) 


The interior design in black, gray, and light blue offer a multitude of pages to help you through the school year, and with several hard covers to choose from, you're all set!


Check out the video and information on past Kickstarters to get a breakdown of all the planners and see lots of pictures! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wrighttype/wright-planner-2018


If you have any questions, someone will gladly walk you through what you can get if you message here or the Wright Planner Co. Facebook page



All orders are processed by our printer and shipped directly to you!  Please allow around 2-3 weeks during the busy holiday season for it to be shipped to you - if there is any trouble, please let us know so we can track your planner to your door!


CUSTOM INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: If you live outside our printing regions of the US, UK, and Australia, and you know what you want, we can now look up your exact cost for shipping based on your country and postal code - it may be cheaper than what we have listed so let us know so we can give you an estimate.


WP - HYBRID Planner Journals

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  • Each planner is printed on demand so it's yours from the moment of purchase, straight from the printer! This means we can not offer a return policy, however, should anything go wrong with the manufacturing of the product, or if it is damaged during shipping, please let us know within a month after it reaches you so we can get you a new copy. They happen very rarely but if something goes wrong with the printing or binding, please take pictures and let us know so we can communicate the issue to the printer. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase!

  • Due to Amazon now using our printers for their over-flow, our holiday orders take a little longer to receive. We can track the planner before it enters the system and after it is printed but its time in line for printing is always an unknown - please allow for an extra week in case of a backup during the busy holiday time.