Welcome to the ACADEMIA PDF for the ONE YEAR 2019-2020 school year!

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All 168 pages in the classic blue color scheme!


  • If this is your first time printing at home and you want to create the full front and back planner, please consider upgrading your paper option to 28lb paper or higher so that pens and highlighters will bleed less. 
  • Make sure you have plenty of paper and toner - and set your printer to print the file fitting it to the page in case your printer is slightly different.
  • If you need to preserve ink, consider printing in batches or switching to grayscale or a lower print quality. 
  • This is a perfect size to stick in a binder
  • If you want to get it spiral bound, take it to a local print store - in fact, you can have them print if for you!  (though check the prices, sometimes printing locally can be the cost of one of our hardbound planners)


This is a great way to plan extra projects - just print out the section you need when you need it!




This file is meant for personal use. You have permission to print (and bind) one copy at a local print shop - it is located on the instruction page of this document. 


PDF: ACADEMIA (2019-2020) one year - Monday

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    School budgets are tight, which is why we love it when instructors contact us for permission to distribute this file to their classes.  Please do so - for free!


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    All we ask is that you let your students know where you purchased the file and how they can get it or one of our planners - simply direct them here.


    <3 Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to education. <3