You have reached the ordering section of the LETTER sized planner - we have a few changes in our lineup with new options listed below.



  • Letter 8.5x11 and A5 (5.83x8.27) sizes available
  • Three (3) Monday options:
    • NEW! The Watercolor cover has a "grayscale" interior for those who want to add their own color or stickers that might not mesh well with the classic blue interior
    • Chalkboard and Silver Grey covers have "classic blue" interior as depicted in the product photos
    • (after the initial order rush, choices will be reduced to the most popular options)


  • NOTE: Dated SUNDAY versions are being discontinued due to low order counts but we are creating an undated series with Sunday versions included that will offer more cover choices than before! These will be available mid-July so if you want your weeks to start with Sunday, watch for these coming soon!
  • 3 CALENDAR OPTIONS AVAILABLE!  (Fall is slightly thinner so $4 cheaper)
    1. ONE YEAR - 12 months - August to July
    2. FALL EXTENDED - 5 months - August to December + extra weekly tracking grids
    3. SPRING EXTENDED - 7 months - January to July + extra weekly tracking grids
  • If you purchase a hard copy an ACADEMIA planner you can request a ONE YEAR 8.5x11 PDF version by messaging us here on the site - it will be sent in 2-5 days.


Our Kickstarters are a bit dated but offer lots of videos if you want to check them out!



If you have any questions, someone will gladly walk you through what you can get if you message here or for a faster response, the Wright Planner Co. Facebook page


OTHER SIZE OPTIONS: We now offer an A5 (5.8x8.3 or 148x210) size - same page numbers, slightly different design to conserve space, but in smaller size!  Look for the upcoming Squared series too!



All orders are processed by our printer and shipped directly to you!  Please allow around 2-3 weeks for them to process and ship your order - if there is any trouble, please let us know so we can track your planner to your door!


CUSTOM INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: If you live outside our printing regions of the US, UK, and Australia, and you know what you want, we can now look up your exact cost for shipping based on your country and postal code - it may be cheaper than what we have listed so let us know so we can give you an estimate!


ACADEMIA 2019-2020 - LETTER (M) 8.5x11

$49.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price
Calendar Choice
Cover & Monday Interior Choice
  • Each planner is printed on demand so it's yours from the moment of purchase, straight from the printer! This means we can not offer a return policy, however, should anything go wrong with the manufacturing of the product, or if it is damaged during shipping, please let us know so we can get you a new copy within 2 months of ordering.  They happen very rarely but if something goes wrong with the printing or binding, please take pictures and let us know so we can communicate the issue to the printer. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase!